The Contemporary Writer's Ultimate Guide to #BossGirl

You've decided to write a contemporary novel.  Your main character will be a girl (called from here on out the (F)emale (M)ain (C)haracter).  You know contemporary, you know girls, this should be a breeze.  But no!  Nothing worthwhile ever came easy, & the modern-day FMC is no exception.  There are a LOT of hurdles your FMC has to jump over to become the shining, standout protagonist you want her to be.  Let's get started!

Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, they have their purpose, but your FMC needs to be focused.  So does her phone's camera lens.  Consistent posting on Instagram & a firm branding style of photography will help your FMC standout not only in her novel, but will be a role model and inspiration to millions of girls across the globe.  Before you sit down to write your novel, make sure you know exactly what kind of aesthetic your FMC needs on her Instagram feed to promote the feel & plot of your book.

bonus tip!  ||  secondary characters viewing your FMC's "instagram stories" are a great way to break up the action while still showing the reader what is happening.

Your FMC is going to be saving the world, but every hero needs a home base.  For the sake of variety so readers don't get bored, I would recommend at least two firm environments in which to write your FMC's world-saving brainstorm sessions.

|| contemporary loft suite || this is best set up as an open floor plan, with original brick walls exposed & tasteful feminine decor placed around the room.  this takes your FMC from "ordinary girl" to "successful woman" in one simple but CRUCIAL leap.  gone are the days of writing FMCs in frilly bedrooms!  this is the day of the #bossgirl.

|| coffeeshop // starbucks || a delicate hand is necessary for this extremely vital aspect of your FMC's rise to #bossgirl status.  starbucks indubitably leads the way for social markers such as the pumpkin spice latte, & scenes in starbucks or with starbucks coffee instantly trigger a subliminal message in your reader's mind that "this girl is part of the 'in' crowd."  however, a well-rounded FMC will also be ethically conscious & will patronize a favourite independent coffee shop, cluing in your readers without stating the obvious that "this girl is concerned for her local economy & enjoys the socialization of the local community."

bonus tip!  ||  this coffee shop set is an ideal place to stoke up any romance you might feel led to include in your novel.  be sure to research the coffee industry & the types of men who run it to pick your best male main character.

Want to save the world?  It's really hard to do when you feel uncomfortable with your outfit or makeup.  FMCs, you may not feel like you have a lot of time to devote to your physical appearance (that's okay! #wokeuplikethis is also super attractive & will stand you in good stead), but some personal grooming tips are KEY to insuring your #bossgirl card is delivered.

|| that perfect messy hair || so tricky to achieve, yet so important - & saving the world just makes it look better! invest in some tried-&-true hair products designed to create that messy, beachy, lived-in look, which will appear so on point & yet so effortless, no one will know how long it took you to perfect it!

|| sunnies || you can never spend too much money on a good pair of sunglasses. these are classic, alluring, protect your eyes from harmful radiation, & can pull a "bleh!" look to "yeah!" look in the blink of an eye.

|| brows are boss || it is a must must must must MUST that you invest in good brow products & maintenance. nothing destroys a look so quickly as weak or frizzy brows.  take the time to fill those in with expert chiseled lines - it takes practice, but your career & storyline will thank you! when you can conquer the on-trend look of brows-on-point, you can conquer anything.

bonus tip!  ||  my favourite is the anastasia beverly hills pencil (with spoolie!), which comes in lots of shades for an ethnically diverse cast, but benefit also has a huge array of options for those of you who would like your FMCs to have more to work with.

Short, spunky girls have dominated the contemporary novel scene for a long time now, but society hasn't forgotten Barbie.  Who do we mentally envision as the #bossgirl?  That's right - the tall, sleek, tastefully athletic, fashionable girl.  Yes, it may be hard for your FMC to find pants the correct length, but you can always have them tailor-made by an ethically-sourced seamstress (bonus points!).

We are SO over the teenage drama of love triangles, freaking out about college, etc.  Sure, no one really knows what she's doing, but try this mindset on for size: confidence at Kanye-levels.  THAT'S attractive.  With a cup of coffee & some phenomenal confidence, your #bossgirl FMC will be a role model for countless readers around the world!  She won't be sidetracked by petty emotions, love-life woes, or Netflix binge-watching, she will be a woman of singular vision bent on saving the world, & subsequently will become a positive magnetic influence drawing in the perfect #bossgirl tribe // cast of characters to support her.


This is where we punt the '90s whiny teenage girls out of our lives & welcome in a brand new edition of heroine - bigger & better in so many ways!   This #bossgirl is the future.  Got what it takes to write her?  You go, girl!

* this post is satire, which means it's completely true & will hurt XD

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  1. I'll admit that I don't quite get this post, but it is rather funny (hopefully you meant it that way ...)

  2. Yep... Nope... Clearly, since I myself would (should) never aspire to such "heights," I can hardly imagine writing FMC. Lol.
    Nice post.