The Penslayer Blog Design Makeover Reveal!

This is it! HERE IT IS! Words cannot express how thrilled I am to unveil the new look of The Penslayer - at last!  To all of you who have borne with me during the past few months with my bleak, harsh, black + white template, you deserve a medal!

I can't say enough good about my experience with Hannah Rose Creative.  Her branding + design process is nothing if not thorough, Hannah herself is positive, communicative, passionate about design & about making your design say you.  For instance, I like to dress in black, but I prefer to be surrounded by white.  So you can imagine how my monochrome + minimalist heart just soars whenever I look at this sleek, shiny, "simple" design.


  • My social media icons at the bottom of the page are shiny gold & just waiting for you to check them out. ;D

  • New to The Penslayer & want to know who the author is?  My author bio page is no less sleek & easy to access above my (totally beautiful + shiny) header!

  • I'm a real blog!  I've purchased my own domain name: I'm no longer "," but now just ""

little tommy tadpole began to weep + wail
for little tommy tadpole has lost his little tail
his mother didn't know him as he wept upon a log
for he wasn't tommy tadpole, but mr. thomas frog

  • Visual happiness!  No matter the content of a blog, good or bad, your opinion is shaped by the visual appeal (or lack thereof).  So now you can read + enjoy The Penslayer as I've always wanted you to.

Welcome to a brand new chapter in The Penslayer blog's book!  Good things are coming.  I feel it in my bones.

8 ripostes:

  1. Congratulations on a job well done! I love the gold, the white, and The Penslayer logo up above. Excellent taste, Jenny, and excellent work, Hannah!

  2. It is so lovely! Have fun with your shiny new blog look! :D

  3. Oh, it looks beautiful! I particularly like the shadowy header and the shimmery gold title.

  4. Congratulations! It's very nice, and it's much better than the black and white.

  5. So pretty! I love the gold. I also love 'ripostes,' instead of comments.

  6. Thank you all so so much! I am so happy with what Hannah Rose Creative was able to make for me (you probably couldn't tell! XD ) This design is so much better than my old "template," it shouldn't even be mentioned in the same universe as that thing. I hope now you can really ENJOY reading The Penslayer. I certainly enjoy blogging for you! <3