December || It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

i love christmastime.  

I used to think people who started decking the halls for Christmas right after Halloween were crazy, but now I don't mind because time goes by SO fast, I want to enjoy Christmas as long as possible.  (Yes, maybe you dislike the "rampant commercialization" of Christmas, but that's nothing new & that's living in a capitalist economy, folks!  That whole argument is not a fight I want to put a dog in because I'm too busy enjoying Christmas.)

Except...not?  The past three years have been horrendous duds for Christmas.  This is not something I like to admit because I'm afraid people will think I'm blaming them.  No, it's not their fault.  The past three years have seen some massive changes in my life, coinciding with Christmas, & they've just been really hard to handle - especially when they've been coupled with physical pain + depression.  Not really conducive to festive cheer! 

This year is one of those three, & while I'm working hard to push off the encroaching ennui, it's lingering there.  I haven't had any complications with this pregnancy (thank the Lord!), but in many ways it has been enormously harder than my first.  My body is just. plain. exhausted.  It's already begun telling me "no" to simple tasks, like picking up my daughter.  Very discouraging, when I have a month left to go! 

So, now writing = I can't even, & blogging = likely not.  I am glad I have the kind of "job" that I can just stop when the going gets too rough.  Right now, the going is really rough.  I've been dithering about posting this for several weeks, but now's the time.  I am in survival mode (translation: napping all the time).  This hiatus is unofficially scheduled to end or be punctuated whenever, as I may randomly conjure post ideas when I'm under no obligation to write them, & I may even get crazy + switch out a naptime with some writing.  Anyway, The Penslayer will show up in your blog feed if that's the case.

it's been nice knowing you O____o

32 ripostes:

  1. Take care of yourself! Your posts always show up in my blog feed, so no matter how long you're gone, I'll see it as soon as you post it :D

  2. May the last month go smoothly, and may any writing you do give you energy and not take it away. <3 Merry Christmas, and may your new year be blissful.

  3. Here's hoping you have a peaceful and relaxing month...and a merry Christmas!

  4. Praying for you, Jenny, that you'd have a safe and healthy delivery and a peaceful month this Christmas with your loved ones.

    Many blessings! And Merry Christmas!

  5. Rest and enjoy your Christmas, girl. Your Christmas tree is gorgeous, by the way.

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