December Wrap-Up & Excerpts

Thankfully, this December has not been like the last two.  On the whole, it has been enjoyable, maybe not productive, but not completely lacking in creativity (I wrapped 108 presents because I said I wasn't going to help other people wrap this year & I never keep my promises to myself...).

Christmas is over, & here we are in the latter days of the year + my pregnancy.  I am huge.  No, seriously, if I could show you without traumatizing us all, I would.  Wolfgang is carrying massive + low, & I am at my wits' end to clothe the bump without looking like a tent.  I am not Abraham, that I should be living in tents!  The last week or so has seen an increase in painful Braxton-Hicks + actual full-abdominal contractions, so while I have no idea how far away active labour + delivery may be, at least I know my body is moving in the right direction.  It's the only part of me that can move...

Between Christmas & Wolfgang, I can't boast a lot of writing, but I'll share a little of what I have.  It's one of my favourite things to do & hopefully you'll enjoy it.  Proceeding...

penslayer excerpts

To me he was like a light left on in Goshen.
adamantine rewrite

 Dammerung set a supporting hand on the table; lingering light jumped off a gilt band on one finger. “You and I think alike in that, my dear,” he replied. The fingers and the band of light drummed on the blood. “But I am insatiably curious. Having got my head in the trap, I might as well squeeze in the rest of the way and see who set the thing—and for whom.”
 “Not expecting to catch an Overlord, I’ll warrant,” growled Goddgofang.
“I haven’t been caught yet,” said his father. “But you’d better catch Simon.”
 There was a sudden scuffle, the dark worsened, and I felt my organs float up through the roof of my skull before silence clamped down on my senses.

“My kin were gypsy-folk,” I explained. “Not servants. But I am part of Dammerung’s household because…because it is good to be so,” I finished, overcome with confusion and not knowing what for.
The golden hair had fallen down again, covering much of the girl’s face except her mouth, turned in profile to me; I saw a faint curvature to it, like one testing a wound. For a long while Jennalaide said nothing, sitting so while my silence hung in the air…then, gingerly,
Because it is good to be so. I would have sworn in my wrath it could never have been so, not in the House of Cheval, not among the de la Mare brood. They carry the blood of my house on their heads, and all this wretched while I have hated them as only woman can hate, dying inside of the thirst of it. Then God Almighty laughed and shook the pillars of the heavens, and he threw down that devil’s cub to me. I thought he should have fallen like lightning, but—” her voice snagged on something sharp and ragged “—he came to me like rain.”

Dammerung straightened of a sudden and got to his feet. “Poor Simon! You want it answered and tidied up at once, for you are walking in the black and the white of youth.” He looked down at me with something inexplicably soft in his harsh, bony features. “One day you will learn that even justice takes time.”

"I may give ground, but I never back away."

"MY LORD, I AM TRYING. You are asking me to do a thing which Christ himself did not accomplish until after his resurrection!"
"Is not now after the resurrection?" Achim Funderberk replied coolly. And, when I bit my tongue to dull the sharpness of it, he smiled. "Then you should be able to do it."

a happy new year to you all! xoxo, jenny penslayer

4 ripostes:

  1. Honestly, even if you never posted anything but excerpts, I would still be very happy. Every excerpt just makes me that much more excited about reading the novel someday.

    And Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. Love the excerpts! I hope you get the rest you need, and that delivery is quick with no complications. (also, chuckled at the tents bit)

  3. that delivery is quick with no complications. (also, chuckled at the tents bit)


  4. Honestly, even if you never posted anything but excerpts, I would still be very happy.

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