My Highly Lucrative Way to Ring In the New Year


For those of us of the internet generation, it's been a crazy year across the board.  Politics + pop culture have seen some insane disruptions which leave us youngsters scratching our heads.  And then many of our personal lives have experienced what seem like abnormally large setbacks too (it could just be the PMS effect, though: everything bad seems to wait to strike during PMS, & is magnified tenfold by hormones...).

I never have the urge to relive a year.  I'm usually scuttling in panic to get as far away from the last as possible - 2016 is no exception.  Lots of stress, lots of anxiety, lots of physical + mental pain.  No year comes without those, but 2016 seems to have been given a double portion.

so you can imagine my delight + relief to be able to close out the old year + ring in the new with such a wonderful culmination of 2016's agonizing, everlasting waiting

Roughly 3:30 New Year's Eve morning, Wolfgang Aleksandr plopped into the world.  I've got lots of funny, gross stories - like my water breaking basically like an enormous + hilariously-timed water balloon - but I'll try to keep those to a minimum.  Despite carrying nearly twice the weight I had with Filigree, Wolfgang turned out to be only three ounces heavier than his sister.  (I don't even know, you guys.  I don't even know.)  But that means my physical damage has been minimal, & my recovery is trucking along beautifully.

Mr. Squishy-face Wolfgang I is also doing very well.  There's a lot to learn when one is only a few days old, but he's managing.  He'll probably get to the last lawn cut of the season by next week.  Well, we might let it slide this once, since he was so obliging as to come inside of 2016 & provide us with an immediately viable tax deductible.  XD 

here's to being done waiting, here's to that new-baby smell, here's to squishy kisses + a brand new year

// obligatory squishy-face photos of the cubling <3

xoxo, jenny

9 ripostes:

  1. Kyoot, Kyoot, Kyoot. So kyoot. :D

  2. Jenny, what a grand little son. Blessings on you as you recover! I'm so excited, and I think his name is epic. :)


  3. He's adorable!
    Welcome, little Wolfgang

  4. Oh my goodness, his widdle face is so cute! Despite having ten younger siblings of my own, a tiny new baby always hits me right in the feels. I'm so happy for y'all and your new tax deductible ;)

  5. Aww! SO SWEET! *echoes Blue:* Welcome, little Wolfgang! :) Congratulations, Jenny, and I pray you and your family have a wonderful 2017! ^_^ <3

  6. Lilly - isn't he?? I know he's got that universal baby look, but he's special to me. XD

    Schuyler - thank you! I've got a steep road of recovery ahead of me, with six-weeks lull time between then + now, but I'm hopeful. <3 I'm glad you love the name! Life is too short to pick boring names. XD

    Blue + Deborah - thank you both so much! He is such a good, good little boy. We're so blessed to have him. :3

    Laura - Cutest tax deductible ever. ;D

  7. Top inset: "You woke me up for what? Pictures?"
    Bottom inset: "No. Going back to sleep now."
    Main: "...change me first."

    Yay for more niblings! Can't wait to teach him all about sportsball, Star Wars, and all those important things.

  8. Awww! Congratulations, Jenny!!! And it sounds like you had an awesome birth story, which would be super cool to hear sometime. Wolfgang is absolutely handsome in every way.
    And you're not the only one excited/relieved to leave 2016 behind and start afresh.