Plenilune Colour Collage || Scarlet

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love making layout collages of images.  It's an easy form of art & everyone seems to enjoy the results, so I've decided to harness the fun & run the colour spectrum, this time highlighing the world of my novel Plenilune + its accompanying stories.  Yes, I love monochrome, but my novels are where the colour's at.

just as a normal disclaimer, i want to point out that all of these images are on pinterest, & none of them belong to me.  i'm just borrowing their plumage.  enjoy!


Not a cheap dye to manufacture, scarlet is a potent status symbol, but it is also a visible expression of the choleric temperament, representing passion, energy, + power.  In Plenilune, it is prominently associated with the first + tenth houses, of Mars + Capricorn, & is subsequently linked with personal ambition + patriarchal responsibility. (Astrology is a real deal with these folks.

Scarlet is a life colour, & possibly one of my personal favourites to crop up in my writing.  It is vibrant, potent, + symbolically vivid.  Yes, I love to be monochrome, but I'm scarlet on the inside. (Love it or hate it, my writing has never been called drab!)  Even though I write prose (with the occasional dubious foray into poetry), I love the way poetry can lead you through a series of colour sensations, & I work hard to do the same with my prose.  In Plenilune, scarlet is one of the boldest colours to leap off the page, & I love it! 

share your colours!

  • There are more colours to come, but I'm curious to see what colours you utilize in your writing.  You can do the whole spectrum with images, or maybe just highlight a few favourites.  (It's also a helpful way to see which colours you tend to leave out, eh heh...)  

HOW TO  ||  I'm sure there are lots of ways to create these collages; mine is probably not the most efficient but OH WELL.  I use the LAYOUT app with images saved off PINTEREST.  That way I can arrange them however I want, & presto! I have a pretty collage.  That's honestly all there is to it.

i hope you enjoyed, & i'll see you next time!
xoxo, jenny

10 ripostes:

  1. Dani - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them! :3

  2. This was such a thought-provoking post! I've never thought about writing in terms of color before.

    If I had to choose a predominant color for mine, I think it would be a light champagne or ivory color. Unobtrusive, but generally pleasant, with hints of something deeper. I think warmer colors, but in softer shades, are pretty much my norm.

    Thanks for the post! And congratulations on Wolfgang! He's utterly adorable <3

  3. I love it when colour is used to add extra meaning to a story, whether in books or in film.

    I find that silver is one colour that really stands out to me.


  4. Caroline -
    I'm so glad! I'm a horrible writer in that I don't assess WHY I do what I do - I come down heavily on the side of intuition too often - so when this series idea came to me, I was thrilled to be able to unpack my work, if only just for my own benefit.

    Mary -
    Mmm, what a delicious colour scheme. I instantly think of slow beach life + that particular colour that the sunshine has only on the seashore: warm, but buttery-thin. Superb. <3

    Blue -I unpack a little more of how colour adds meaning to a story in my next colour collage post (stay tuned!). Impressions of colour bear their own psychological impacts, & they're so important to writing!

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