2017 + Stuff About Me You May Not Know

It's March??  I'm telling you, next thing you know it's going to be Christmas - again!  Our weather, which is usually just beginning to be yucky, has gone from one brief semi-winter moment to some serious springtime temps.  I think I just saw a polar bear walk by wearing shutter shades.

 me as a person, if i am still that

I have a two year old + a two month old, & despite my best efforts I am flat-out tired.  (jenny. you just said you have an infant. duh you're tired.)  The children are honestly pretty good about sleeping (usually), but all the same I have zero stamina & most days I feel like I'm hanging on by my fingernails to get to my favourite lying-down-in-a-prone-position-in-my-comfy-king-size-bed time.  & yep, despite my best efforts, that's me physically + emotionally right now.

me as a better person, maybe??

My best efforts include exercise because people tell me that exhausting yourself with exercise makes you less tired.  Something about your body increasing its resistance to stress.  I laugh.  I cry.  But it's for my good.  & I can't really complain because the real hard stuff hasn't even begun; I'm working gently on my inner-inner core which rules out ALL standard abdominal exercises because those can just make the damage worse.  (most difficult bit is the "TVA squeeze" 'cause you haul in the hugest breath, suck in your belly button to your spine, & let the breath out as slowly as possible. i have successfully not passed out while doing this.)

me as a person trying new things (screaming emoji)

WHAT THE HECK IS MAMAMOO.  I have no idea.  I looked & I can genuinely say, I have no idea.  But the four-girl Kpop band wrote + performed "Girl Crush," which I finally gave in + listened to; turns out, that's basically me.  O___o

i just wanna be
awesome girl
girl crush!

Being smart may be better than being pretty, but can't I be both?? XD  Well, maybe not, but I do my best with what I've got.  I was never the fashionable, popular girl - I didn't know what that thing was.  Now I know, & that sounds cool.  Cool + kind + at least able to fake intelligence because that's what most of us do anyway, right...?

bullet journalling

When this was first introduced to me, I a:: zoned out because I am 100% not capable of fancy hand-letting, & b:: couldn't follow the mathematical purpose of the exercise.  But then I got frustrated with some bad habits of mine & started scrawling goals + notes down in a moleskin notebook (best notebooks, so cute + portable this post is not sponsored honest), & the next thing I knew, I was basically bullet journalling.  My how the self-righteous have fallen.

alpha reader (full-bore screaming)

I have never shown a work-in-progress to someone while it is in its ugly, barely-constructed stage, but Ethandune has been stumping me so badly that I scootched a la inchworm over to the brain behind Intuitive Writing Guide (which I still need to officially follow, bee tee dubs; I keep forgetting to do that), & asked if she would look over my manuscript + provide some feedback to help me see where I need to go - you know, the kind of stuff everyone else has been doing since the dawn of writing.  But I am a:: nervous, b:: shy, c:: my writing in a first draft is practically buck-naked + I'm not happy showing it to anyone; oh + d:: I'm passionately independent so of course asking for help goes against all of what is me.  But I did it.  & she said yes.  So here we go.

boom.  that's me.  not my most flowering time of life but thank you all the same for sticking with me + caring. until next time,
xoxo, jenny

5 ripostes:

  1. Hey, I was just thinking about you last night! Mostly how I love that you chose unique but not ridiculous names for your children and hoping that you were doing all right with two tiny ones in the house.
    I know what you mean about not wanting anyone to see your novel before it's perfect. I only rarely, rarely do that. As in, pretty much never. I am already shy about people reading my work, and just thinking about someone reading it when it's only in first draft or second draft is sooo embarrassing! Of course, that can definitely make it difficult to actually make it perfect. Funny how that works :)

  2. I'm not into trends for trends sake, but bullet journal was just what this list scribbler, paper monster, excess document collector needed. And fancy lettering? Well, that is just not my biggest priority for my bullet journal, its my brain on paper not an art journal. Also, I do it my way. I picked a bigger journal (I need to SEE everything) and its organized by by randomness; its the page numbers that make it make sense. Sure, I'd like it to be prettier, but right now, I like what I am doing well enough.

    I think some people are just born with a popular people sense, some work themselves insane to be popular . . . and some of us either, don't care or are born contrary and then there are those stuck in the middle.

  3. MAMAMOO. GIRL CRUSH. That's my second favorite of their songs. They are the bomb and totally rock. And so do you. Seriously.

    I've not tried bullet journaling (I have just an ordinary planner with titled boxes in 3 colors and lines inside them and that's it) but everyone I know who has tried it, loves it- my mother included.

    Aww, and now I'm blushing. I'm honored you asked me.

  4. Keep it up, girl. New things are usually (usually) not quite as bad as we think they'll be.

  5. Caroline - No, they almost never are that bad. But I have such a talent for blowing things out of proportion, you know - why let that talent go to waste?? XD

    Arielle - MAMAMOO. GIRL CRUSH. Such a fun song - and so catchy. Also, "You're the Best" is a fave. They rotate with the Clifford theme song being stuck in my head. X_x

    Livia Rachelle - I've become much more organized in the past six months than I ever have been, because I'm usually too tired to rely on my brain to remember things for me. Whether it's a bullet journal or a monthly planner, I need to have SOMETHING to help keep me on track.

    (I don't know how "popular" people become popular, I just know that traditionally they're cast as the snobs and yeah that's not what I'm going for. XD (I'd settle for being popular with myself.)

    Laura Elizabeth - Aww, you were thinking of me?? I've been so MIA that I didn't think anyone would spare me much thought. No denying things are tough, but things are not nearly as hard with the second baby as they were with the first. We've all got colds at the moment, otherwise we'd be pretty peachy.

    (For strange names, check out Key & Peele's East/West Football names. X'D )