3 Ways Social Media Can Help Explode Your Library

spoiler alert! i'm going to be soliciting your book recommendations so stick around like a bug on fly paper!

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#bookstagram is no joke.  With nearly 1o,ooo,ooo entries on Instagram, there are TONS of folks linked together in the grand game of gramming books.  & a lot of those pictures give me book-envy.  Because really, do we pick up new books solely by their synopsis?  No.  No, we do not.  Book blurbs are universally obnoxious creatures to create, & most of the time they do the book NO justice.  It's sad.  Sad, but true.

APPEARANCES ARE IMPORTANT.  You may wish it was otherwise, but it is not.  Author note: I've lost track of the times people have expressed surprise over the cover of my novel Plenilune because "it doesn't look like it was self-published!"  THAT'S THE KEY, FOLKS.  That's the key...

okay, but why is social media important for your tbr list? i'm glad you asked. i'm glad you asked...

via @infinitelynovel

**Angel choir.**  I go on Instagram & discover gorgeous #flatlays of books that are basically completely free eye-candy.  Some of these grammers are super good at photography.  Am I a sucker for good photos?  Yes.  Yes, I am.  Am I going to be interested in a book based on it's cover + arrangement in the photo?  Yes to that, too.  ("sign me up for the NEXT book club!" )

Bee tee dubs, I had never heard of V. E. Schwab until @emileighlatham  + @paperfury gushed about her on Instagram.  Cue me, scrounging around our local library website for a copy of Vicious - which took an age to come in but cOME IN IT DID & guess what I'm really enjoying it.  BOOM.  Wouldn't have heard about this author except for the world's new marketing platform, Instagram.

("I said 'bookswag.'  I said 'bookswag,' Sam.")  Am I susceptible to the allure of sharing flatlays of my newfound novels on Instagram?  I totally am.  Social observation note: people who enjoy a book REALLY LIKE IT when you get that book too + start reading it.  When you tag them, link them, shout out to them that you're reading in their textsteps, they get really excited + BOOM a community is born.  It's an introvert-friendly community, too, so that's double the awesome.

via @infinitelynovel
#bookstagrammers i follow

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your quest, should you choose to accept it, is

  • a:: comment below with bookstagrammers you follow + love!
  • b:: comment below with book recommendations for me + the other penslayer readers!

thanks so much for reading. see you soon!
xoxo, jenny

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  1. Alas, I'm still stuck in the dark ages. Book recommendations trickle in slowly and usually by mere chance.
    I did recently read The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and it was really good. Not going to spoil it for you, but it may give you LOTS OF FEELS, even though there's no romance and by today's standards very little actually happens. It's very much an introspective sort of story.

  2. I love this, Jenny! <3
    A few favourite bookstagramers of mine:https://www.instagram.com/halfdesertedstreets/
    (My own: https://www.instagram.com/fullnessofjoy16/)

    Bookstagram is pretty darn amazing! :) And so much fun =)
    A book recommendation that I think you may just enjoy is the Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown. I've only read the first book so far, but it was amazing!

    Another beautiful book I read recently is called "Edwin the High King" by Edowardo Albert, I think. . .

  3. Laura Elizabeth -I've heard bits and pieces about The Metamorphosis, but I still don't know ANYTHING about it. XD But I bet my library has it. I'd be shocked if it didn't.

    Joy -Wow, thanks! I don't think I've heard of the "Red Rising" books. Best-sellers, and highly rated! I'll have to look into that!

  4. I second the Red Rising series rec - it's bloody and gruesome and seven kinds of wonderful. READ IT!

    The Goblin Emperor - with a lead who is GOOD person - and good, in this case, doesn't equal boring as alas it sometimes can - this is high fantasy with a rich world, tons of names, and plenty of heart.

    Narconomics: How To Run A Drug Cartel - if you ever thought economics was a dry subject ... think again. This book is the very definition of fascinating. I finished it and to my astonishment felt as if I'd finished a class in business studies, criminology and economics and actually. enjoyed. it. 0.O Mind = Blown.

    Sorry. I like books. You asked for recommendations ... XD

  5. Ness Kingsley - SWEET. I've got ALL those titles copied down in my Notes app of book recommendations (because otherwise I would totally forget, not gonna lie. -__- )

    Very excited to try these titles! :D

  6. "It doesn't LOOK like it's self-published..." Heck YES, that's the key. I swell with pleasure when I hear people exclaim the same about Ain't We Got Fun. That really is the key, and Plenilune definitely nails it.

    Book recommendations? I'm reading the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini right now. (Or WAS until life happened.) I was enjoying it too, so perhaps you'd like the novels. Dragons and elves and such are always fun. (Side note: Paolini became a New York Times best-selling author at the ripe ol' age of nineteen, which leaves me questioning what on earth I'm doing with my life...)

  7. I do a lot of drooling over Slightly Foxed (https://www.instagram.com/foxedquarterly/) and Folio Society (https://www.instagram.com/foliosociety/) Instagram posts. Also, Lanier's Books (https://www.instagram.com/laniersbooks/). She makes books and resells old books and sometimes posts pictures of the bookmaking process.

  8. I usually find a lot of my fiction recommendations via blogs. But as to covers, well, I usually distrust modern books with fancy covers, unless they are middle grades. To me fancy means shallow and silly pop fiction. Oh, I've read some, I've fallen for it (The Selection, those dresses), but yeah. And as far as professional blurbs go, if the book is one I will like, these often spoil the story, seriously, the back of the Scarlet Pimpernel gave away the story.

  9. I follow Paperfury and https://www.instagram.com/thebookishchristine/ and they are my favorite bookstagrams. :)

  10. My occasional participation in #bookstagram doesn't look quite so shiny, since more often than not I'm reading well-worn library books or secondhand gems of fifty or a hundred years old—which definitely have their own aesthetic, but not the fashionable one. :)

    Let's see, recommendations—oh, if you haven't read anything by Suzannah Rowntree yet, you definitely should! There's her Arthurian novel Pendragon's Heir, and her series of incredibly creative historical-fantasy fairytale retellings.