How To End a Book Like a Concert

That feeling you get when you end a particularly good song & you're still soaring on the last notes, loving it + sorry it's over?  That's an awesome feeling.  It's the feeling that keeps you hitting "repeat" until you're sick of the song. XD  But this kind of magic isn't exclusive to music, you know.  Writers use it, too.

I think almost any form of artistry is a form of magic.  Like Uncle Iroh + the four elements, I also think different forms of artistry can inform + improve across mediums.  This definitely goes for music + writing.  

cadence + resonance

If you have the choice between grammatically correct & technically-incorrect-but-sounds-awesome, go with the second option.  People are not going to remember your grammar, but they will remember how your words sounded.  Words play a melody in our minds.  Why do particular songs get stuck in our heads?  Because the cadence of the words resonates with us so our subconsciousness continues to vibrate with them long after we have ceased to listen. 

As a writer, you want your words to stick with people.  As a writer, you want your whole book to cling to the reader's subsconsiousness & haunt them long after they have finished the story (because that's not creepy at all, right??).  How do you do that?  Pretend your book is a concert.

writing novels is a performance art

In a world where you can simply download an artist's music on iTunes without leaving the comfort of your home, why do people choose to go to concerts?  It's not even strictly the same music because you can't do everything on a stage which you can do in a sound studio.  They go because they want to be part of the performance.  They want to experience the hypnotic magic of the singers + the lights + the bass.  They want their senses to ring in time to the music.  They want to soar.  They want to be limitless.  And when everything is over, they want that last display of lights & that last crash of notes to leave them resonating before the free-fall, out in constellation sky without gravity.  That's the awesome they want.

Beginnings are important because they hook the reader's interest for the immediate story, but ends are even more important because they impress the story into the reader forever.  When concluding your story, my advice is to end before the emotional resonance of the scene fades out of perception.  Leave the reader with that "high," whether it is an explosion like a firework or one tiny ring of struck crystal.  Let the music go on.

xoxo, jenny

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