#TheWritersTag (Oh No Please Save Me)

BAD NEWS BEARS.  I've stopped writing Ethandune forever.  Ba ha, just kidding.  (you hate me now) THE ACTUAL BAD NEWS: what in the world is energy? or motivation?  Because I have neither.  Time?  Yes, technically I have time to write.  But when "have time to write," I really need to spend that time looking at Instagram resting so that I can make it through each day.  Why is energy so hard to find??  Why do other people have more stamina than me??  I REALLY HATE THIS, YOU GUYS.  I REALLY, REALLY DO.

What?  Oh.  Writers' tag.  I justify taking the time to do this with the following reasons:

a:: i actually did do a smidgeon of writing on ethandune
b:: i got my what-i've-written-of-ethandune-so-far manuscript back from my alpha reader + i need to think about what she said*
c:: i was proactive + wrote a list of questions that need answering in the plot
d:: i just want to be on my computer, okay??

*her comments were almost entirely positive + raving, which is really encouraging because that tells me my manuscript is not a dung-heap of which i am sole chanticleer, so hurray for me us!


what genres/styles/topics do you write

GENRES || "I recognize that the council has made a decision; but, seeing as it's a stupid-ass decision, I've elected to ignore it!" O_x  Okay, I get why we have to have genres, but I've always been in the habit of mixing my genres up into a confetti cake batter rather than dividing them off into separate sections.  Planetary science-fantasy?  Why not!  Mental illness, coming of age, psycho-thriller murder mystery?  Sign me up!

  • genres i don't like to write: contemporary, biography, anything requiring insane amounts of research + a decent understanding of government structure

STYLES || ("put the chicken back, styles." I AM NOT A VERY HUMOROUS WRITER.  I take myself so stupid seriously.  But I am not immune to recognizing + inadvertently creating humorous scenarios, so my works are not without their lights of levity to brighten the way.
  • third person (usually)
  • first person (occasionally)
  • melodramatic (unfortunately)
& then I just write with lots of intense description + growling + snarling + colours that are best defined in medieval French.

TOPICS || I am, oddly*, not a topical writer, but I have noticed that I have an interest in pursuing plots that contain depression (like, clinical depression, not depressing stories), not really because I think that I can somehow educate the world on this topic, but because I haven't seen it often in strictly "fantasy" stories, & it's definitely a common, long-standing, relateable topic.

*i like reading topical books, but not writing them


how long have you been writing

For about ten minutes.

oH, OVER ALL.  Right.   Let's see...I think my sister was born when my memory of writing a "story" first crops up, so I was older than five.  (the story was of a black alicorn with numerous miniscule varicoloured freckles + it's name was twilight, & it went to the pool with me) I've been writing ever since, so I'm gonna say where is my phone + the calculator feature what do you think i am a homeschool graduate eighteen plus years.  Wow.  Yep.

why do you write


when is the best time to write

When everything is quiet + I don't feel like I have any other obligations pressing on me; see also, when my muse is actually operating properly.

what parts of writing do you love // what parts of writing do you hate

LOVE || I really do love writing.  I'm pretty tongue-in-cheek online + in person; I don't want to say shallow, but I function near the "surface" - whereas, when I'm writing, it's like I'm in some deeper, more comfortable part of myself.  I love being there.  It's the only form of meditation that I've managed to pull off. XD

I love going back over my writing + being surprised that I wrote something good.  Enjoyable.  Remarkable.  Writing is such a solitary, introspective, + at the same time oddly blind work, I don't realize when I've pulled something off well until I break the act of writing + transition into reading.

&, you know, i like hearing that people like my work, too...

HATE  || Being a by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer.  That's who I am, & while I do try to ask myself concrete questions to guide my way, it's a fact that I'm intuitive + not mathematical.  & it's so frustrating to not actually know what I'm doing.

you never learn how to write novels. you just learn how to write the one you're on.

Editing.  It's such a struggle to pull the first draft out of the hat, let alone going back in + trying to add to the meagre skeleton.  

how do you overcome writer's block

ha HAA. i don't.

The only thing I've found that works is staring down my manuscript + slowing putting something on the page.  That's it.  No magic.  Nothing fancy.  No playlists, no drama, nothing else; just grim, determined junk being put down on a page until something sparks.  

are you working on something at the moment

It's at this moment that I am once again faced with the onerous task of constructing a book-back summary blurb for my work-in-progress Ethandune.

a man in a gilt mask asked of me,
'how many coffee beans grow in my tree?'
i answered him, as i thought long,
'as many notes as are grown in a song.'


do you have any writing goals for this year

I have the modest goal of finishing the first draft of Ethandune.  I can't (or won't) move forward with the series until Ethandune is squared away because it's next up in the chronology.  So even though Talldogs is ready for editing + Drakeshelm needs reworking at the end, I won't go back to those until the next brick in the wall is placed to my satisfaction.

or adamantine commandeers my brain + derails all my otherwise best-laid plans. -_-

BOOM. That's the #WRITERSTAG* with my answers.  I originally saw this tag on Paper Fury, so be sure to check out Cait's answers; they are always a hoot + a half!

*writer's tag? writer stag?? how majestic!

If you are a writer + you can also read this post (i didn't know you could read), I tag you, too!  Please link to your post in the comments because I am curious + I want to see your answers.

au revoir, penslayers!
xoxo, jenny

8 ripostes:

  1. I am also not a humorous writer! That is to say, I can write flat out humor with very little seriousness, or flat out serious without any humor. But I can't seem to find the middle ground, where I give some humor to a serious story :(

  2. Ah, man! The fatal writer's tag! We writers are, after all, sometimes rather egotistical creatures, aren't we? I might just have to succumb to temptation with this one...

    I enjoyed your responses, as usual.

  3. You're not a humorous writer??! PFFT, THIS POST IS HUMOROUS. 😂 Good luck with Ethandune!! Tell it to behave itself!! (And I think it's awesome you put clinical depression in fantasy, because honestly that's something that's been around forever and I like seeing mental health issues in fantasy novels. I think it makes them relatable and realistic. <3)

  4. Laura Elizabeth - I recommend an attitude a la Elizabeth Bennet. XD

    Janie - Succumb! SUCCUMB! And link to your post when you're done. I enjoy your answers. ;D

    Cait - RELATABLE & REALISTIC without being hopeless, ya know?? Because what's the point of a totally hopeless narration I could just go read the news. Except that the news isn't as well-written...

  5. Jenny, your wish is my command. Or something like that. http://theaspiringbard.blogspot.com/2017/04/a-majestic-beast-thewriterstag.html

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