Suspicious Activity + Other Good News


ETHANDUNE  ||  I've taken a break of indeterminate length on this in order to mull + plot.

(also i accidentally lost about 100+ words that i'd written recently, & i haven't recovered emotionally yet so i'm doing the mature thing + hiding from my problems)

ADAMANTINE  ||  So I've picked up this novel.  The rewrite has about 28,700 words, semi-decent prose, + an assortment of ideas strung together like an antique rag rug.  At this (still early) stage, my main character has so many afflictions + trials, I'm in great danger of forgetting some of them. XD

*no, i am NOT enamoured with the notion of torturing characters for the fun of it.  there is no "fun of it." it's just this character's misfortune to be plagued by all these multitudinous tribulations.


It was then, as the food softened and slid down into my stomach, that my surroundings became real. Or perhaps I became real to my surroundings; I felt that, heretofore, I had merely been a ghost, half here and half in a shock world, to whom these strange creatures and rooms were terrifying yet spiritually intangible. Now my body materialized around my soul, wakening as it was worked, and I was suddenly solid amidst my prison. 

"Stop!" I begged pathetically. Though tethered by his grip, I sank down on the pallet. "Stop! Do let me be. Let me die."

The sorrows of death compassed me, the pains of hell gat hold upon me; I found trouble and sorrow.
My heart thumped, beat, struggled.
Then I called upon the name of the Lord--O Lord, I beseech Thee, deliver my soul!
The last slender line of crocus-flame streaming onto the wall faded, turned to the petals of a poppy, burnt brilliant, and went out.
In that darkness, without gaslight or candle's gleam, that same profound and dimensionless night which had ushered me in to my relatives' home, my soul gaped in terror and screamed. 

// adamantine mood board


BOOKS  ||  "Are you reading that for research, or...?"  Honestly, everything I read could be counted as research for something at some time for some reason.

{recently finished}
the girl with seven names by lee hyeonseo
please look after mom by shin kyung-sook
lee's book, an autobiographical sketch of her defection from north korea, was absolutely riveting + proper messed with my sleep at night
shin's novel was a goodreads recommendation + did NOT disappoint. loved it, even though it was heart-breaking.

{currently reading}
hallucinations by oliver sacks
the book is by oliver sacks, not the hallucinations. but it is also downright fascinating. i never knew there were so many "sane" types of hallucinations.

WATCHABLES  ||  This category is remarkable, because I simply rarely have time to watch anything.

i like kdramas.  for some reason, i like horror movies.  i learned that koreans also make horror films.  i was positively giddy.

 a massive, gorgeous dramatization of the only female emperor of china, starring impossibly beautiful fan bingbing?? uh, yes please!  
(i'm watching on youtube. one of my sources recommended kissasian, but kissasian looked like it was going to steal my social security number + my kidneys, so i'm still using youtube like a dinosaur.)

*yes, these are overwhelmingly asian.  i don't know why.  that's just the way it is.

// i mean really

that's me, folks. thanks for reading!
xoxo, jenny

6 ripostes:

  1. AWESOME snippets. Love them all. 😍

  2. HUZZAH. THANK YOU. I still feel like a complete failure as a writer, so knowing someone likes these random snippets is encouraging. X'D

  3. Steal your social security number and your kidneys...Your posts never fail to make me laugh. In a good way.

  4. Jenny snippets are the bomb.
    And the way you captured the materializing after eating... That's exactly how I feel sometimes.
    Also...kidneys... Yep, I'm pretty sure some of those companies out there are af Drter our organs, lol. And that's no joke.

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